Photorealistic rendering takes a great variety of factors into account, from aspects of photography to the many parameters you need to know in order to use the software.

So how can we produce a render without leaving anything to chance? Where do we start? How can we make the process unfold in a linear fashion?


Framing your Composition

You can learn various techniques to create a unique composition to your view port. We ensure that your creative basement is safe in our hand.


Light Balance

How to structure the lighting and give it a specific hierarchy. Primary, secondary, fill and accents lights are the components that we need to manage and harmonize to achieve the best possible chiaroscuro effect.


Simulating Materials

It's not always necessary to build overly complex materials to get a good result. instead, we should try top obtain the best possible outcome by working on the aspects that make a difference, while maintaining complete control over the finished material.


Final Rendering

Having good strategy to combine the various modes enables us to optimize the rendering time through out the whole process from the lighting to the final render - and to Improve the production experience


Color Correction

Controlling tones is one of the most interesting topic in photography and will be examining it with various examples before condensing everything in to an exercise that will include the addition of a LUT.
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